Vat Refund

VAT Refund in Turkey

As a certified public accounting firm in Turkey, we offer Value Added Tax refundservices for both foreign and domestic companies.
With our VAT refund services in Turkey foreign investors eliminate complex procedures, making their business easier

Value Added Tax (VAT) shown on invoices and similar documents related to the transactions which are exempt from the tax, such as:

  • Exportation of goods and services,
  • Exemption for vehicles, petroleum exploration and investments made under an investment incentive certificate (IIC),
  • Transit transportation,
  • Diplomatic exemption

are deducted from the output VAT to be calculated on the transactions of the taxpayer which are subject to VAT. In the absence of transactions subject to VAT, or if the output VAT is less than the input VAT, then the input VAT which cannot be deducted is refunded to those who perform such transactions, on the basis of principles to be determined by the Ministry of Finance.